our customers are our greatest asset and that is what makes us the shop that we are.  thank you!

Todd and Cathy Apple

Cathy and Todd Apple - shop owners


We are a word of mouth shop and aren't the greatest at blowing our own horn so we leave that to our customers.  We are just a couple of kids that are motorcycle enthusiasts and that have chosen to spend our lives keeping other folks motorcycles healthy and happy while establishing a fantastic customer base. Whether you are a lifer, part-timer or a roadie we love you all!  Thank you for being a part of our livelihood and for trusting us with your machine.  We plan to be here for the next 41 years, so if you haven't stopped by to check out our shop - you've got a little time left!  :)



"Any simple words cannot explain the level of awesome customer service these two provide.  If you own a Harley Davidson or an American made V-twin and you do not go to this shop for service or parts you are exhibiting a severe frontal lobe deficiency!  You want parts?... Oh, they got parts, but wait!  They make parts, yep, custom made with style and functionality. Modifications, custom stuff, excellent service, what else could a person ask for?  NOTHING! Good shops are few and far between; however, this shop covers everything a true shop should stand for!  Todd and his assistant Cathy, or Cathy and her assistant Todd, however you want to look at it - they straight up ROCK!"   Mike H.



High Desert Harley?  That place is great if you're a pretentious weekend warrior with money burning a hole in your pocket and you like to get ignored and treated like an inconvenience any time you need something.  Oh, and you're only gonna find sub-par help on your newer model HD anyway.  

PPP?  Not only are they friendly, they also know what the heck they're doing.  Problem with your HD?  They can fix it.  Your bike more than 5 years old?  They dig old bikes.  American V-Twin that nobody else in town seems to know what to do with?  Not a problem.  PLUS, they actually ride!!!  You wouldn't think this something special, but considering that most of the office pogue, weekend warrior types you find at the other shops will only ride when there is zero chance of rain and the temperature is above 75 degrees, it actually is something special.

All in all, if you need a shop where you will find friendly, knowledgeable people that don't just "talk the talk" but actually "ride the ride" then this is the place for you. 

Now stop by and check out the awesomeness!  Then tell all your friends that ride to stop by. You won't be disappointed. "  Danny


"Thanks a load Cathy and Todd.  When my spark plug burned out and wrecked my head, you two really came to the plate for me.  My buddy and I were a long way from home (Campbell River, BC) and you got things running smoothly for me with a gently used head.  Can't say enough about your prompt, caring attitude and work; both with repairs and parts and locating tooling.  Also giving me the option on inspecting and changing brake pads was a refreshing change from other shops whom wouldn't have asked but instead just grabbed the extra sale.  The next time I am on a road trip I will make sure any breakdowns happen near Boise.  And if there are no breakdowns, I will stop in to say Hi and buy you lunch!  

For any potential customers reading this, go see Todd and Cathy for any and all work you need done.  They will pull out all the stops to get you on the road quickly and efficiently."   Burt


"I took my bike into Pro Power Performance for the first time on the recommendation of a friend.  I'd been having service work done at a different shop, and due to some personnel changes, wasn't too happy lately.  So I walked in and talked with Todd one day, and the straight, no-nonsense, no sales pressure conversation convinced me to give PPP a shot.  Made an appointment to get a spring service, new rear tire and had Todd look into the difficult shifting.  Todd gave me a complete (and creditable) explanation of what he found and what he did.  You have (another?) very happy customer here."  Curtis


"Todd - just letting you know the deployment is as good as it can be so far.  I just read your little article on BobberRepublic.com  Pretty cool!  I'm getting things together to chop my shovel again.  I found a horizontal mag and I will probably have some questions about it and frame modificaiton when I get back to the states.  I also added a picture with that PPP patch you gave me.  That thing has been all over Iraq.  Well I gotta roll onto another mission.  See ya back in the states!"  Brandon


"Hi Todd and Cathy - I am just writing to once again say thank you for the exemplary service.  I'm home in Calgary safe and sound (with a new tire!) thanks to your help.  I was so surprised the 'dealer' didn't want to help a stranded biker with something as simple as a tire change that I wasn't sure what I was going to do.  It was a great relief when Cathy said you were willing to take the bike in right away to install a new tire.  Your great service was most impressive and it's pretty evident you know what you're doing around a Harley.  It would be nice for us to have a shop like yours closer to home!  Anyway, Todd and Cathy, thanks so much for your help!"  Cheers, Alan


"I have been wanting a Harley for the past 15 years.  I finally was able to get myself into a position to where I could afford one.  I went to the Harley shop to buy one but they all looked like cookie cutter bikes to me.  I wanted an original bike.  So I  looked around the treasure valley to see where the best place to have my bike built would be.  I went to about 10 different shops talking to different builders.  When I walked into Pro Power Performance and talked to the staff, it was a no-brainer that this was the place to have my bike built.  I've seen their work.  They do an excellent job of precision work with unique styles and that is what drew me to Pro Power Performance in the beginning.  I sat down with them, we had a budget and came up with a plan.  We had a lot of ideas.  They would tell me if one of my ideas wouldn't work and make suggestions as to what I should do to keep me on the path to the bike that I would want to see come out of this.  The folks at PPP have done an outstanding job and now I own a one-of-a-kind bike!"  Mick


"I recently had a run-in with a major pothole that put a nasty prang in the front rim.  I put Cathy on the trail of a new rim - she looked high and low for the one that I wanted (even negotiated the price on my behalf instead of just quoting me the suppliers price.  Then Todd stepped in with a used part he'd found at a VERY reasonable cost.  Since my front end isn't stock, a bit of machine work had to be done.  Again, the price was rasonable and each and every process was explained thoroughly.  Once again, the people at Pro Power Performance proved to me what advocates they are for their customers; how they look out for us; and how they are as much friends as experts.  Most of you who deal with PPP already know this, but I just have to publicly state what a helpful, straight-shooting team we have at this shop.  We trust out lives to the people who work on (or build) our bikes, don't we?  As for me, I have a lot of faith in the folks at Pro Power..."  Curtis


"I would like to tell you how much I love my Dyna Low Rider trike.  Todd did such a great job with the conversion.  I was treated so well at Pro Power Performance.  I would tell everyone to go there and I will.  I decided to get a Harley when my friend Marianne got her bike for her 60th birthday.  I had quite a time learning to ride - balancing issues.  So I started looking into trikes because my friend has one.  Todd looked into conversions for me and now I have a beautiful trike and love riding!  Thank you so much Pro Power.  Todd you are the greatest!" Pam


"I have found the folks at Pro Power Performance to be some of the most helpful and friendly people I've ever dealt with in the motorcycle world.  They make you feel like family and right at home.  They have always been fair and honest in any dealings I've had with the shop.  They have been instrumental in keeping my Shovelhead on the road.  I have not seen an American V-Twin they couldn't help - or any other bike for that matter.  PPP is the place I trust for all my motorcycle needs and I know it will done correctly and in a timely manner.  I refer all my friends, and even relatives, to have work done at Pro Power Performance and have seen no disappointments.  Real good people."  Dan

"We own and ride Harley Davidson motorcycles because we believe it is important to ride for the brand." 

We actually DO live to ride!  We are passionate about our family, our business and our customers.  Along with that passion there has to be room for some good humor and fun as well...hence this gallery!



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